IT penetrated into all spheres of our life. Information technology are being developed in Ukraine, even in such territory, as public finances or government finances. This is a special area in which social, political and international interests are crossed.  This "mix" of interests and participants can result in a distortion of reality in the management of IT-projects.

Since July 1, entrepreneurs will be able to use opportunities of the official portal of public finances.

We are often asked what the web portal is about. This is an information portal, where you can control the movement of each budget hryvnia. It will show the government budget expenses of all levels. This resource is dedicated to numbers and figures - figures unlike words are understood more or less clearly. Let's start with them.

Within the project, which includes a change of control of public finances, was created portal that displays all the transactions of the State Treasury. About the components of the project and its implementation tells the project manager Alexander Shchelokov.

Forbes magazine described the creation of the brand "Ukrzoloto", wrote about its owner, sales formats, jewelry stores under a single brand, as well as creative solutions to marketing strategy of brand development.

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