Business Advisory Services Program under EBRD

Business Advisory Services Program under the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development makes consulting of high a quality absolutely affordable for Ukrainian business.

Working with us you can get 50% to 75% of our services' cost refund. Moreover the quality of the services is guaranteed by the international organization which bolsters business reputation and opens new opportunities for fundraising, implementing innovative solutions and expanding your partners and clients base.

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Financial and bank Consulting

  • strategic planning
  • business case
  • management reporting
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • cost controlling
  • buying a business, mergers and acquisitions
  • business transformation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Management meetings
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Independent valuation of

  • integral property complexes
  • real estate, machinery and equipment
  • transport, goods in circulation
  • securities (stocks, bonds, bills)
  • evaluation for the purposes of personal income tax
  • revaluation of assets for the purposes to recording in financial statement (incl. in accordance with IFRS)
  • assets valuation for pledge purposes.
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IT Consulting and Development

  • IT audit
  • development of IT strategy
  • preparation and tendering of IT goods and services
  • IT Project Management
  • analysis and documentation of business processes
  • development of Enterprise IT Architecture
  • analysis of IT infrastructure
  • analysis of IT processes
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Organizational Consulting:

  • business process reengineering
  • reorganization of organizational structure, redistribution of functions
  • documenting activities, creating a unified system of local regulations that structuring the organization
  • analysis and structuring the activities of collegial bodies
  • implementation of the principles of using KPI
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HR Consulting:

  • audit of personnel management
  • personnel assessment
  • team building for the organization
  • formation and development of the personnel reserve
  • development and implementation of Competency models and profiles of job positions
  • analysis and development of motivational systems
  • conducting training and seminars for personal development of staff
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Investment Consulting

  • valuation of investment attractiveness of the project
  • business valuation
  • investment memorandums preparation
  • selection of the most effective way of attracting financing and search for the potential investor
  • M&A transaction support (due diligence for purchase-and-sale deals, deal structuring, legal consultations etc.)
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Marketing Consulting and PR service

  • market research, segments reviews
  • marketing research
  • calculation and argumentation of potential market capacity
  • audit of marketing activities
  • current marketing plans optimization
  • development of marketing strategy of the enterprise
  • branding, ATL/BTL events
  • development of loyalty programs
  • Internet-marketing, SMM, SEO optimization
  • outsourcing marketing and PR (full complex).
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