Marketing research, analytics, analysis of consumer behavior


  • assessment of the current market volume and trends;
  • analysis of competitors and sales markets;
  • analysis of market trends, with the further forecast of development for 3-5 years;
  • estimation of market size and segments of consumer demand;
  • assessment and identification of problematic areas of the brand representing, brand perception;
  • development of brand managing systems and increase of supply/demand dynamics;
  • development of effective promotional campaigns for trademarks;
  • development of loyal programs for trademarks;
  • development of new product (package, product names) and product launch.



Заповнити бриф

Internet marketing, PR-campaigns, ATL & BTL


  • development of marketing strategies for on-line campaigns;
  • preparation of business plans for Internet projects;
  • implementation of PPC advertising and social media marketing (SMM).

  • identification of companies strengths/weaknesses and search of new opportunities, according to the goals;
  • planning, development and implementation of events aimed at target audiences and effective information distributing channels.

  • organization of press - events: press-conferences, press-lunches, press-tours, PR- events, conferences, round tables.

    ATL & BTL activities
  • consultation on ATL and BTL activities. Organization, administration and support of events during the year;
  • development of promotional materials and POSM. Production support.
Customer support, projects implementation and support


  • development of conceptual solutions, planning and implementation, information support of social projects;
  • information support of corporate social responsibility projects.

    Media monitoring
  • quantitative and qualitative analysis;
  • clipping of released publications;
  • brief summaries of media materials.

    Design and creativity
  • creative conceptual solutions;
  • development of corporate identity and brand book for trademark.