Eastern Consulting Group has confirmed its qualification under Business Advisory Services Program supported by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD. Projects can be implemented in following areas: business development, feasibility study, marketing analysis and planning.

You can find more information about Business Advisory Services Program and criteria for participation via links: www.ebrd.com/sbs/ukraine/ukraine ; www.facebook.com/ebrdbasukraine



Prior consultations and application for participation in the Programm of EBRD


On the first stage a client can obtain general information about BAS Program, criteria of participation and consultation about possible ways of project implementation.Filled application allows EBRD to make assessment of the client`s possibility to participate in BAS Program. BAS specialists communicate  with representative of the client discuss its activity and identify essentiality to attract external consultants. Afterwards the project is being sent to the Program’s Ukrainian office for consideration.


Period: 3-5 days


Preparation of the terms of reference


On the second stage both a client and a consultant are involved. EBRD specialists support potential client in writing terms of reference for the project, including description of the problem to be solved. The main consulting project tasks are being created, expected economic benefit after implementation shortly described and the project definite gradual schedule set. This stage also implies forming general vision of the project and signing up an agreement between a consultant and a client.


Period: 7-10 days

Approval of the consulting project in London


Terms of reference and internal documents of Ukrainian EBRD office are to be sent for final approval to London. According to data processing results an agreement between EBRD and customer is being created, which provides payment for the consulting project expenses. Thus it also specifies exact compensation sum in Euro.


Period: up to 14 days

Monitoring of the consulting project results


For the purpose to identify effect of the consulting project, BAS Program carries out of obligatory monitoring procedure in 1 year after completion.