One of the priorities of the "Eastern Consulting Group" is an independent valuation of property, property rights and business performed based on the "Certificate of evaluation activity" №329/15 issued by State Property Fund 21 April 2015.

An independent evaluation allows to establish the value of the different types that give you objective information about the real cost of the facility that will be useful in management decision.




Real estate valuation is one of the most popular services in Ukraine. Such an assessment is needed when taking any action, somehow related to real estate. The most common situation in which the required valuation are:

  • loans secured by real estate;
  • purchases and sales of residential and commercial real estate;
  • revaluation assets for accounting purposes;
  • valuation of contribution to the share capital;
  • property and litigation on real estate;
  • effective management and investment decisions;
  • determining rental rate property;
  • determining the tax on property passing by inheritance or gift;
  • definition of insurance premiums on the property.

The voluntary property valuation makes it possible to reduce costs and increase gross profit from property transaction; to pay damages; defend their interests in court, tax and customs agencies.



Valuation of the market value of machinery and equipment includes a wide range of facilities. It can be all kinds of machines, devices, technological lines, construction and road equipment, office equipment, various household appliance, etc.

Valuation of machinery and equipment made in the case of loans for collateral, while the revaluation of fixed assets of the company, in the formulation or removal from the balance sheet of the company, for bringing equipment to the share capital in transactions of sale and purchase, for insurance, etc.

In order to valuation the equipment was carried out, specialists have access to the object evaluation, photograph it, get from the customers the necessary documentation.

Prices and deadlines to assess the equipment vary greatly depending on the type of object, as determined individually in the contract for services.



The company "Eastern Consulting Group" offers valuation services following vehicles: passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, mopeds and road construction machinery, agricultural machinery, lifting machinery, railway transport.

An independent appraiser to assess the value of the vehicles involved in the following cases:

  • revaluation of fixed assets for accounting purposes;
  • determining the starting price for auction;
  • to determine the collateral value of the property at a loan;
  • to resolve property disputes (property division);
  • to determine the tax on property passing by inheritance or donation;
  • when forming the share capital.



Business Valuation is one of the main tools in the market for capital transaction, which helps investors avoid risk. Market sale and purchase of business and investments, requires the timely receipt of full information about the object of sale at the stage of deciding on the deal.

Business valuation is usually used to:

  • identification of the current market value of the business in the event of partial or total sale or purchase, at the exit of one or more members of the companies, etc;
  • defining the value of the securities company, units, shares in its capital in cases of various kinds of transactions with them;
  • defining the creditworthiness of the company and the value of collateral in lending;
  • determining the market value of the property during the insurance operations;
  • adding to the authorized capital property contribution of the founders;
  • purchase of shares from shareholders;
  • determination of the rental business at the time the lease;
  • issue of securities;
  • restructuring of the company (liquidation, merger, acquisition, allocation, etc.);
  • improved business management;
  • justification of investment decision.



In the financial account of the company can overestimate fixed asset if its residual value is significantly different from the fair value at the balance sheet date. Essentiality limit determined by the company itself. In the case of revaluation of fixed assets at the same date, is the revaluation of all items of property, which belongs to the object.

The fair value of fixed assets recognized their market value determined by an expert valuation of professionak appraisers. If for some unique machines and equipment cant set the market price, the fair is considered to be restored costs, ie costs of acquisition in existing conditions including depreciation.

The frequency of revaluations depends on fluctuations in the fair value of that revalued. With significant fluctuations in non-permanent reassessment should be conducted annually, at insignificant fluctuations - every thee or five years.



We inform our customers and partners, according to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №358 of 21 August 2014 "On valuation for tax purposes and accrual and payment of other obligatory payments, which are improsed according to law" LLC "Eastern Consulting Group" has the right to engage in evaluation activities for tax purposes.

We are assessing all types of movable and immovable property to individuals in accordance with the requirements established by the Tax Code of Ukraine, with the submission of evaluation reports into a single database and assigning a registration number.



The procedure of valuation can change depending on the object of valuation, but usually it includes the following stages:


Preliminary review of the object of valuation and identifying its purposes


Signing the contract for carrying out the valuation


Inspecting the object of valuation


Appraisal of the value of the object of evaluation


Presentation of the report and conclusion on the value of the evaluated object

If you are willing to the use service of independent valuation by the company «Eastern Consulting Group», please call us +38 (067) 216-25-33 or send a short e-mail request on или по факсу (044) 494-15-77. Please, state in the request:

  • name of the object of valuation;
  • location;
  • main characteristics (real estate area and technical settings for equipment);
  • purpose of the valuation;
  • contact information.

Our specialist responsible for the particular type of valuation will quickly contact you to agree upon time deadlines of the valuation, price and further steps of cooperation.

On signing the contract our specialist will make an inspection of the object of valuation at the agreed time. During the inspection he carries out identification and photo fixation and receives from you copies of documents required for holding the valuation.

An appraiser defines the value of the object using conventional principals of valuating property and property rights and prepares the report according to legal requirements.

Term for preparing a conclusion about the value of the property – 2 or more days.