Banking services


Banking services

Reason to contact a consultant         

Customer’s shareholders decided as follows: existing activities aimed at encouraging the bank’s publicity require to be revised, extended and promoted

Private customers share in active and passive bank operations monetary structure requires to be increased

Project aim

Raising awareness of the bank, creating its image

Completed tasks

Elaborating the bank’s marketing strategy:

Suggesting musical theme as the main focus in building up the brand (red piano confirmed as a graphic association with the bank’s name, the bank products names created using musical terms, the bank’s regular special offers provide visiting concerts, within the framework of corporate social responsibility the bank sponsors musical events and gifted musicians)

Elaborating brand book

Providing regular activities to promote the bank in social networks, on radio, in specialized sites, in printed media and using outdoor advertising tools

Outcome for the customer

The customer received strict and efficient positioning strategy

There’s regular positive dynamics of private banking operations number recorded